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Investing in real estate in Poland, real estate investment in Poland

Investment in real estate in Poland is one of the safest methods investment of money. The risk of loss of capital in this case is low and the rate of profit is high.

Investing in real estate in Poland is one of the ways to invest alongside such investment opportunities as the acquisition of shares in companies and the acquisition of shares in investment funds. In recent years, investing in real estate has a growing number of supporters of businesses and individuals. Investing in real estate, despite its specificity which need large amounts of capital, is very popular among investors.

Real estate protect the capital against the loss of value due to adverse changes in market and high inflation. This is possible provided that we will deal with this process in the long term (several years). It is not without significance that you need a lot of capital to invest in some properties. Barrier to the availability of many investors to invest in real estate is their capital intensity. Property in the long run does not loses its value (the price increase is more dynamic than the loss of value as a result of technical wear). This means that owning a property also protects against inflation. Performed in this area studies and analysis confirm that the average increase in the value of the property is higher than the rate of inflation.

For many people this is evident in the period of prosperity on the real estate market. Much more important is to maintain this relationship during economic regression and therefore the downturn in the real estate market. For this reason, the real estate investments are characterized by a moderate degree of risk and therefore are a very good security for bank loans. An important issue in investing in real estate in Poland is income twofold: in the form of rents, leases and capital income if the owner decides to sell the property.

A growing popular are companies which invest in real estate, where investors pay equity, and the decisions about what to buy take professional managers. One of the most popular solutions that allow you to implement such a strategy, there are real estate funds. Investment funds they collect funds from individual investors or institutions. Then the funds they acquire shares in different categories of real estate, eg. residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers and warehouses. They can also enter into development projects. Funds are not the only idea on the organization of group investments. They can be carried out within the framework established for this purpose SPVs.

Investments in real estate funds are not without drawbacks. An alternative may be direct corporate investments in real estate in the form of a special purpose company, coordinated by the management team. This offer is available on the Polish real estate market. SPVs are an interesting alternative for real estate funds.

Investments in real estate it is not short-term investment. The profitability of individual types of real estate is diverse. The way in which we will use real estate is one of the most important factors affecting profitability. Other significant factors include economic conditions, eg. the development of the industrial sector in the country will increase the demand for industrial facilities and thus will affect the increase in rents.

The income we can achieve depends on how you choose to invest. The property can only be purchased so that when its value rises, sell it at an attractive price. This strategy pays off especially in the case of investments of luxury, such as the restored tenement houses. However, the purchase of real estate for the growth of its value, or with the intention of renovating and selling on the increase in value, in Poland is still less popular ways of investing. Much more popular is the purchase of the property with the intention of renting.

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