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Accounting services in Poland, accounting services in Katowice

When you opening a new company in Poland or buying a company, you must consider offers to use services that will make your company operate in accordance with the Polish law. Such services are accounting services in Poland offered for commercial law companies. Our Polish accountants offer personalized advice for all companies as well as tax and accounting consultancy. Contact us for detailed information on accounting services in Poland.

Our firm renders complex accounting services in Poland and makes sure that business activity of our customers is always done according to accounting and tax rules. For your bookkeeping we choose one accountant, who works under strict supervision of management.

The complex bookkeeping includes:
  • Keeping books in accordance with Polish Accountancy Act,
  • Preparing income tax and VAT declarations and VAT evidence,
  • Keeping register of fixed assets and preparing current plans of depreciation, making reports for statistical purposes, calculating amounts of depreciation according to the company’s depreciation plan,
  • Up-to-date informing about the company’s financial standing,
  • Advising on proper recording of business transactions,
  • Representation in tax administration, Social Security and other institutions, according to the granted proxy,
  • Taking part in control proceedings related to the period when the bookkeeping services were rendered and providing the required information related to this proceedings,
  • Preparing the declarations to Statistical Office.
Our firm prepares financial reports according to the international standards IFRS.

Favorable investment climate in Poland, as well as Poland's economic position in world rankings attract more and more foreign investments and projects. In 2019, Poland took 22 place in the ranking of the world's leading economies. Polish economy is 10th in Europe.

Simplifying company registration process, the ability to perform most online operations significantly simplify company's work. For both foreigners and Poles it is profitable to use services of accounting firms than to hire an accountant or do everything yourself.

Salary of a qualified chief accountant in Poland is between 1500 and 3000 EUR per month. Salary of an ordinary accountant is 800 - 1000 EUR per month. Average cost of accounting services from an external accounting company in Poland is around 300 EUR per month.

Outsourcing of accounting services in Poland has become an indispensable part of work of every small and medium company. Private limited liability companies keep complete accounting records. Conclusion of contract for current accounting and payroll services in Poland with a specialized company guarantees that company maintains the necessary documentation. Appropriate documents and reports are submitted to tax administration and registration court.

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